What does an SEO copywriter look for?

An SEO copywriter writes the texts that help your company to score high in search engines, while the texts remain nice and readable for your visitors. The SEO texts are specially written to rank high in search results in Google. Hereby the human aspect is taken into account, so that the texts attract visitors who stay on your website and are thus convinced of your message.

How does search engine optimization work?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In the case of SEO texts, this means that these texts are written in a way that is optimal for appearing in search engines. An SEO text writer specializes in writing SEO texts, so he or she knows exactly what needs to be done to score well with Google. Usually, an SEO copywriter starts with a keyword analysis. This means that we look at the search terms that are often used. It also checks which search terms can help you rank high in search engines.

Another important aspect of keyword analysis is figuring out the terms with which you attract visitors who take the desired action, for example using your service or purchasing your product. This is not done for your entire website, but for each page individually. This way you as a company know for sure that the texts that are written will fit perfectly.

The Evolution of Search Engines

In the early days of search engines and SEO, the more keywords you crammed into your text, the higher you landed in the search results. Fortunately, that is different now: this method resulted in texts that were extremely difficult to read for people. Now, for example, Google has put together a much more intelligent algorithm for indexing search results.

When compiling the search results, the search engine not only looks at what your exact keywords were, but also at the context of these keywords. For example, if your webpage has many synonyms for a certain keyword, you will score higher. Other words that are related to the keywords are also included. These words and phrases are called semantic keywords. Because Google takes this context into account, Google can suggest the most relevant websites to the searcher.

Keywords and more

So, an SEO copywriter takes keywords and semantic keywords into account. In addition, an SEO copywriter does a lot more to ensure that your website ranks high in search results. For example, he or she composes the best page titles and the person looks at the headlines. SEO copywriters can also prepare the meta descriptions: these are the texts that you always see in Google under the link. These texts can also convince searchers to go to your website.

It is always important for an SEO copywriter that he or she produces good text for your website. The technical aspects in combination with a human writing style ensure that the texts on your website are not only pleasant to read, but that they are also found on Google.

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