Need to be found on and We create the backlinks to help you grow your online business.

  • Business directories. Known in Dutch as “startpaginaklonen”, which are clones of the original “startpagina”, a directory that grew out to be of great importance in the Netherlands. Today, there are thousands of lookalike clones that do the same: allow you to create your own directory with categories, links (do-follow and no-follow), and sometimes images and text. These are the easiest and cheapest links available that work in the Netherlands.
  • Partner links. Websites that provide the visitor information and a positive experience, often include a page for links to partners. Website owners and the linkbuilding specialists they employ, use these pages to exchange in a ABCD link exchange. The better the website and the more visitors it has, the more valuable the link will be.
  • Guest blogs. In-content links are links placed in the text of the website. Finding the right relevance is challenging however, which is why providing guest blogs are an excellent way of growing your backlink profile.
  • Sponsored content. If you see a good match with a quality website, you can contact them for sponsored content. After agreeing on the angle and quality of the content, the website owner will write, or more commonly, have a copywriter write a blog for their website that features your link(s) and anchor(s).