What is SEO and how do I write SEO texts?

When you want to write SEO texts for your website, it is important to know first
what SEO texts are and what the importance of good website texts is. SEO texts can be there
namely making sure that Google likes you a lot more and places you higher in their search results. SEO
texts are therefore certainly not an unnecessary luxury for a good website.

What does SEO text mean?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or in plain Dutch: search engine
optimization. When we are going to parse this word we are actually saying we want our website willen
and optimize our texts so that a search engine, in our case Google, can find us better and
likes. Because because Google can find us and find us interesting, it will place us higher in
the search engine and we are therefore easier to find for our visitors. When we go SEO texts
writing it is important to know what the keywords are, or can be. These keywords
are the questions that the visitor will soon fill in at Google and on which we will be found.

How do I write a good SEO text?

A good SEO text is therefore full of keywords. But do we need all kinds of keywords in 1
going to use the article? No definitely not! We focus on 1 or 2 keywords per article and
variations on this. For example, if you want to use the keyword “relationship therapy”, then it is
wise that you are going to write an article about this keyword. What is it, what can you do for
your visitor. The keyword does not only appear in its pure form “relationship therapy”, but also
in variations on this. For example “following couples therapy”, “couples therapy with partner” or “coaching
for couples therapy”.

Where do I place the keywords then?

It is now clear that you should use keywords in your article. Also use the variations
on this. But keywords, besides the general text of course, also have other important
places to put them. For example, in the title of your post is a very important point.
But also on headers, so the title of your new paragraph. When you put a keyword in your title
this works best if it is as far in front as possible. Also in the link to your article is
the keyword is a good part. Don’t overload your article with too many keywords, this is possible
backfire, limit it to about 1 time per 100 words.

How do I get keywords and how do I use them?

There are special programs via Google that you can use to search for keywords. what you already
What you can do is of course make a list of the keywords for which you want to be found. Here
you can then write a text about it. Choose 1 keyword per article and search about 4 to
5 variations. Write these on a note before you start your text. This can help you immensely to
to write text. If you have absolutely no idea what variations there are, look for a similar one
article in Google and get your inspiration from it, or use Google’s program.

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