Blossom your Content

Got content?

We help you promote it. Trough placement as sponsored content and linkbuilding for SEO, with advertising on Google and Facebook and by building your newsletter lists.

SEO & sponsored content services focused on the Netherlands

We know our way in the Netherlands, want we spreken het gewoon. With a growth in European customers interested in SEO services in the Netherlands, Bloeise (run by Thomas Lapperre) created Blossom your Content (run by Lilyana Lapperre). The following standard products are available for easy order & processing. If you’re looking for something specific, like ongoing SEO support, SEA, social media advertising, let us know because we’re sure to be able to help you.

About the company

Blossom your Content is an independent SEO and sponsored content company based in Sofia focused on the Dutch market. Blossom your Content is a sister organisation of Bloeise (which means Blossom in Dutch), a content creation company based in Den Helder, the Netherlands. Bloeise creates it, Blossom your Content promotes it.

The Team

  • Lilyana Lapperre: owner
  • Thomas Lapperre: advisor

Our vision

The Netherlands are digitally the most mature in Europe. In many ways, this small country with 17 million inhabitants is considered to be digitally ahead. On the other hand, this small little country provides an interesting testing ground for your European business.

Our mision

Help unlock foreign companies SEO power in the Netherlands.

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