Signup as reseller partner for Blossom your Content

Become a reseller partner of Blossom your Content, the webshop for quality Dutch backlinks without hassle. As a reseller, you get an extra discount on your orders placed via the webshop.

What we offer

Up to 35% discount for reseller partners on our own portfolio
All backlinks are do-follow
130+ websites and growing
All backlinks will be placed indefinitely
Partnerlinks will be immediately placed
All sponsored content is without sponsored content tags
Sponsored content will be effectively processed by our editor

We aim for a long-term relationship with our resellers. There are no costs or obligations for becoming a reseller partner: we value your business. However, we do appreciate feedback to improve!

Sign up and:

  • You will receive a first mail with follow-up questions on your background and company details. 
  • Next, you will receive a confirmation with a temporary password. Login to enter or verify your company details and tax number.
  • The discount is shown throughout the site. This login is for everyone in your company. Any feedback to improve our service is greatly appreciated, you can use the order notes at the checkout or send us a mail via [email protected].
  • You can fill the basket and then have your colleague do the payment
  • Occasionally, we will send out an email on new offerings and features.

The pricing model of Blossom your Content

From 2023 onwards, we changed our pricing model to reward our resellers and to stimulate ordering via the webshop:

Standard webshop price


Discount for resellers and partners ordering via the webshop

Up to 35%

If you’ve ordered sponsored content before, you will notice that we added an inflation increase to our reseller prices. However, if you order via the webshop as a reseller partner, you pay the same price as before, despite rising costs for labor and marketing.

Expanding portfolio with seller partners

Additionally, we are working on expanding the offering on the webshop with the portfolios of seller partners. Interested in becoming a seller partner too? Contact us.

Bloeise & Blossom your content

Before, we did SEO, linkexchange and sponsored content as Bloeise (based in the Netherlands). As we got more requests from outside the Netherlands and aimed to position Bloeise as a B2B content creation platform, we launched Blossom your Content in 2021 from Sofia, Bulgaria. Now in 2023, with the excellent help from our partner LupsOnline, we built a webshop to automate and optimize our processes.

Invoices & taxes

As a B2B webshop, we need your working TAX number to process the order correctly. At the checkout, we check the TAX number via a VIES check. If you are based in Bulgaria like Blossom your Content, 20% tax is added. Otherwise, tax is excluded. Every order results in an invoice automatically sent via mail.

For specific questions, please check out our FAQ for Resellers

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