General Terms and Conditions of Blossom your Content – partners

Partners of Blossom your Content can offer their services via the Blossom webshop. Orders placed by customers are done with Blossom your Content, and then send through to the partner. As a partner, your only customer is Blossom your Content.

These are the general terms and conditions that apply for orders placed via the webshop by Blossom your Content.  


1.1 In these General Terms and Conditions, the following definitions apply:

  • Client: Blossom your Content, hereafter called Blossom, with its registered office in Sofia, Bulgaria, registered in the Trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 206615504
  • Contractor: any natural or legal person who has a contract with Blossom has concluded or wishes to conclude an agreement, as well as its representative(s), authorized representative(s), successor(s) in title and heirs, herafter called partner.

These terms and conditions were last updated on: Monday, 31th of October 2022

  • In writing: In all cases where in these terms and conditions it is stated “in writing”, including e-mail, fax or other electronic transmission by analog or digital means messages that have reached the Client or the partner.
  • Website: a coherent whole of digital internet pages, including any associated digital images, video, scripts and databases.
  • Partner link: a backlink placed on a partner page on a website. There can be multiple partner pages on one website. Partner links offered via Blossom are do-follow and do not have any tags.
  • Sponsored content: a blog of 450 to 1000 words with a header image that has 1 to 3 backlinks, in addition to internal links.


  • Links ordered by Blossom your Content and provided by partner are meant to stay online indefinite. These are guaranteed by the partner to stay online for at least one year.
  • If the partner wants to discontinue or sell the website, the partner informs Blossom your Content. The partner has the obligation to keep the links active as purchased for at least a year. Keeping the links as ordered active for at least a year will be the condition on which partner may sell its website. If this is not possible, a proportionate reimbursement will be made by the partner to Blossom your Content.
  • All backlinks are do-follow, all pages are do-index and all sponsored content have no tags or categories that point to sponsoring, unless specifically asked for in the order notes.
  • Blossom your Content is not responsible for the content or changes on websites run by partner.


These are backlinks placed via the LupsOnline Linknetwerk plugin. For more information, please see

  • These partner links are placed automatically via a connection to the plugin. The partner only has to keep the partner page active. If there is a technical issue that’s prevents initial placement when ordering and which takes longer than five workdays to fix, the partner offer Blossom your Content a refund.
  • Partner links are offered on a non-exclusive basis. Partner is free to supply services to other businesses of a similar or competing nature.
  • The services provided by partner are on a non-exclusive basis and partner is free to supply services to other businesses of a similar or competing nature as the client.


Sponsored content is content either written by customer of Blossom, or by the partner, and is placed by the partner on its website.

Sponsored content written by customer

  • Partner will aim to place the content within 5 work days of initial order when the total content is under 3.000 words.
  • Sponsored content can have up to 3 backlinks, has a minimal of 450 words and a maximum of 1000 words. This content has to be written in the language of the website, with correct grammar and a human reader in mind. The delivered content has to match the category of the website. There is some room for interpretation. A website for household appliances can welcome articles on householding, household bookkeeping, cleaning, pest control, buying refrigerator parts, servicing, kitchen design and interior, for example.
  • Partner will place the sponsored content with a header image, meta-description and headings where applicable. Partner may add internal links, additional images and an embedded video.
  • Spinned articles, articles written in a different language than Dutch or articles littered with spelling mistakes can be rejected for placement. Partner can either chose to reject the order or contact the customer for a correctly written article.
  • Content that clearly does not match the website – like a porn article for a website on cat food – can be immediately rejected on grounds of deception by Blossom your Content’s customer.
  • When ordering the placement of the sponsored content, the customer declares that is entitled to give Blossom the right to publish this content. This right is transferred to the partner. By delivering the content, the customer indemnifies Blossom and therefor the partner from any copyright claim.
  • If the customer wishes for the usage of a specific image, the client must provide a link to the image on Pixabay or Pexels or provide the image with the written declaration that the image can be used with indemnification of any claim.

Sponsored content written by partner

  • Partner will aim to provide the initial content within:
    • 2 weeks of receipt of initial payment where the total content is under 3.000 words
    • 4 weeks where the total content is between 3.001 and 10.000 words
    • A duration to be agreed at the time for projects of over 10.000 words.
  • Partner shall use all reasonable endeavors to publish the content and deliver the links to Blossom your Content within the dates specified.
  • For placing the sponsored content, the partner will use copyright free images from or Pexels. These can be used safely without any claim on copyright. If the customer wishes for the usage of a specific image, the customer must provide a link to the image on Pixabay or Pexels or provide the image with the written declaration that the partner can use this image with indemnification of any claim. The partner always has the right to ignore customer wishes on specific images.
  • Partner will not provide the same content to any other customer.
  • Content written by partner is copyrighted. By ordering sponsored content for a specific website Blossom your Content or its customer does not receive the right to use the content for any other purposes. This includes purposes like spinning articles, printing and rewriting.
  • Partner will submit the sponsored content links within the given timeframes. Unless Blossom’s customer responds to the contrary within 7 days of receipt, the customer is deemed to have approved the sponsored content placement.
  • If required, partner will complete one round of edits.
  • Partner will have no liability for any errors in respect of content which has been passed to the client for approval.


This section details the complete financial liability of partner and its employees, agents or sub-contractors in respect of services provided, and includes all statements and tortious acts or omissions (including negligence).

  • Partner can only be held liable for any damage if the damage is the result of serious negligence, recklessness or intent. Partner cannot be held liable for damage as a result of normal use of its website. Partner makes an active effort to keep the quality of the offer high. In addition, measures have been taken to create a safe environment. Partner is in no way liable for the correctness of the product and the content on its website.
  • The position of a website within search engine results varies on many factors outside the control of partner. Such as the webhosting and speed of the website, changes in the search algorithms, other backlinks, activity on social media, the availability to the search engine spiders etc. These factors are manyfold. Therefore, partner does not guarantee a benefit from its services and is not liable for any factors outside of its control.
  • Nothing in these conditions limits or stops partner’s liability in the event of death or physical injury as a result of partner’s negligence; or any liability or damage incurred by Blossom your Content due to fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation by partner.
  • Partner’s maximum liability including for breach of statutory duty or negligence, misrepresentation, or otherwise resulting from its performance or services of this contract shall be limited to the amount paid or payable by Blossom your Content under these terms in the three months immediately preceding the month in which the event occurred.
  • In the event of force majeure, partner is not liable for the fulfillment of the agreement. This also applies if Blossom your Content is unable to fulfill the agreement due to force majeure. If the matter of force majeure lasts longer than 30 days, the agreement may be terminated. In this case, the right to compensation lapses. In the event of unfulfilled orders, a credit invoice will be sent to the client.


A claim or dispute arising from this contract shall first be settled by good faith negotiations between the parties’ representatives within a 30-day period. If this cannot be achieved, they shall resolve the dispute in a Bulgarian court.


Partner has the right to state that they have offered services to Blossom your Content and may include its logo on its websites.

Partner retains ownership of all content written or created by partner. On receipt of additional payment for the applicable content after a written request and agreed upon price, partner may grant to Blossom your Content or its customer all intellectual property rights to the content at no extra charge on a worldwide, perpetual basis. 

Blossom your Content is responsible for ensuring that they hold all the copyright and related permissions for any content that they supply to partner, albeit in text or image. After publication as ordered, such content will remain the intellectual property of Blossom’s your Content customer, and they agree to license the rights to partner to use it as necessary for partner to perform its obligations to fulfill the order.

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