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How does the webshop work?

Click the red button to go to the webshop. Use the filter options to find those backlinks that fit your category and your specific SEO needs. Click on the red button to see the product details and order with Add to basket. Then, go to the shopping cart to view your order, give your company details including tax number and make the payment via iDEAL, creditcard or bank transfer. After payment, partnerlinks will be placed immediately, sponsored content will be processed effectively by our editor. You will receive an order confirmation, an invoice and an update from the editor if you ordered sponsored content. See our explainer video here

No, you can order without creating an account. The account only makes it easier to order a next time. 

SEO is about understanding Google and doing whatever gets your site ranking higher in the search results. Google, however, doesn’t share how it works. That’s why SEO companies create their own approach on how ‘good’ a website ‘should’ rank in the search results and how ‘valuable’ a link is from a website. DA stands for domain authority (by MOZ), DR stands for Domain Rating (by Ahrefs) and TF stands for Trustflow (by Majestic). These help you compare and understand the link juice a site can give you, but they only work approximately. A link from a site with low DA, DR or TF can still be very valuable if it’s about a relevant subject to your website.


We hold some 600+ business directories which aren’t integrated in the webshop yet. These are pages like https://witgoed-onderdelen.frisbegin.nl/ for example. Contact us if you’re interested. We’re also expanding in working together with partners to have their options on our website.

We aim to keep your paid backlinks indefinite online. However, maintaining websites comes with technical challenges and sometimes websites get sold. Therefore, we can state the links will stay a minimal of 1 year online.

With a meta-description and copyright free images from either Pexels or Pixabay. If you want us to use specific images, you need to prove the right to use these.

Our links are fully safe for any site, you will not get penalized by Google for these links. If you are, however, hesitant about buying backlinks in general, please read our blog on building backlinks the smart way.

NO, unless specifically requested via the order notes. By standard, all links are do-follow without tags and sponsored content is not labelled as such.

Yes, all our links are do-follow. No-follow is only possible for sponsored content and needs to be explicitly communicated.

Advice on SEO

Read our blog on building backlinks the smart way.

No. Nobody can legitimately offer a guarantee in SEO, safe doing the work as promised. There are 200+ factors that affect your rankings, and we don’t control those.

You can order as much as you like. If you publish content regularly, it’s wise to make backlinks to your new content. Otherwise, it’s Publish & Pray.

SEO benefits can take up to six months to be realized. Although SEO is usually a long-term game, there are often ways to rank your website earlier. Everything depends on your business, industry, and competition.


The webshop offers filter options on type of backlink, categories, top-level domain, domain authority (MOZ), domain rating (Ahrefs) and TrustFlow (Majestic). Click on product details to see the exact information, add to favorites or add to your compare list.

Partnerlinks will be live within minutes. Sponsored content will take up to 7 work days to process.

Yes. But since this change is done manually, we may charge a fee for this.

We provide a print option on the confirmation page: save yourself a copy just in case. If you provided a correct email but didn’t get a conformation email, contact us and we’ll get it sorted. 

Contact us and we’ll get it sorted. 


No. In order to exempt vat, we need a valid tax number, according to art. 21, par. 2 from VATA. You can check the validity of your tax number in Europe here: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/. Please contact us if your VAT number does not work in our webshop but is valid in the given link.

Yes. We are based in Sofia and apply 20% VAT. To issue a valid invoice, we need your VAT number.

No, you do not pay VAT. We do request your VAT number to correctly do our administration.

No. And that means consumers can’t order on the webshop. This is a B2B webshop that requires a VAT number always.


Payment options are iDEAL, Bank Transfer and credit card. Other payment options such as PayPal, Revolut and Payoneer are currently a lot of work to process in the administration, and therefore not an option.

We can’t accept payments via PayPal. Transfer the money to a payment option that we can accept. 

Please try another payment method, like bank transfer. If your order is above € 500, you can contact us to process your order directly. Before we place your order, payment via bank transfer is required. We charge an extra € 50 for this. 

Only on Pizzaday. 


Sofia, Bulgaria. See our contact details.

We also provide linkbuilding subscription, run several affiliate marketing sites and support with Google Posts

Once you ordered from our webshop, you are a client we can inform about similar online marketing products. You can always unsubscribe. We aim to provide value and sharp offerings.

For resellers

Of course. Ordering via mail is possible with the 2023 prices. But when you order via the webshop as a reseller, you get a discount.

Yes, there are two options. You can order via mail according to the 2023 prices and be invoiced afterwards, or you can order via the webshop and choose the bank transfer option. After payment, your order will be processed.

The webshop allows you to deliver your sponsored content via HTML, an attachment or a URL for Google Drive for example. In the ordering process you can also fill out order notes, which will be read before your order is processed. Alternatively, you can also order via mail according to the 2023 prices.

Any SEO agency that regularly needs quality sponsored content and partnerlinks for Dutch websites.

You get discount on your webshop orders and you will receive our reseller mails. 

Sign up here. You will first receive a few questions, then we’ll send you your login details. 

iDEAL, credit card and bank transfer. After payment, your order will be processed. 

Please! We love hearing your feedback! There is a lot we can improve and your feedback helps us picking the right priorities. 

No. You can’t use the webshop without tax number. 

No. Too much hassle for the accountant. 

No. If you want to place a large order now and you feel extra discount is in order, contact us

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