ChatGPT for SEO? Tips & Tricks!

In this blog you’ll get the best tips for using ChatGPT for SEO. The most important thing to know: Google does NOT fine AI written content, it fines any content that is NOT helpful. It doesn’t matter if AI helped or written the whole thing, it matters if the visitors that Google sends are really helped or not. Keep that in mind when you go bananas with the following AI tools, tips and tricks.

GPT-3 tooling by SEO Review Tools

ChatGPT is slow. These tools by Dutchman are not:

  • AI content rewrite: Your human writer wrote a great piece based on your AI content brief. And now you actually need four more. Don’t go spinning, that ain’t winning! Let AI do a rewrite for you. Also handy if you haven’t written the original and want to use it still…. this is PAID. So better use ChatGPT with the easy prompt “rewrite”. For example:
  • GPT-3 Keyword generator: also a paid API. Not what you were looking for, I know, but as it is paid, it is a lot quicker than ChatGPT. If you don’t mind to wait (you can read more blogs on Blossom your Content in the meantime!) than:

ChatGPT SEO tips

  • Ask for specific keywords. In all fairness, these aren’t copy/paste usable, they are part of keywords you can mix with. “winterjassen ademend vermogen” would be a great keyword for example. Also note: ChatGPT doesn’t know anything after 2021. So if you selling the lastest products… just use Google Ads or Ubersuggest.
  • Blog ideas. Just ask for it.
  • SEO friendly titles. Just ask for a list and pick your choice.
  • Write the Meta-description. Sadly, ChatGPT can’t count. Not words nor characters. So you will have to check and adjust its work. Example:
  • Outline the blog.
  • Create valuable content. This is not something you can ask ChatGPT, you have to come up with smart ideas yourself. Or use this list:
    • Give the definition of “keyword”
    • Give the history of “keyword”
    • Give the most popular recipe of “travel destination”
    • List some interesting facts about “keyword”
    • Come up with 3 key questions my audience will have about “keyword” and answer these effectively.
    • Generate a FAQ for “keyword” or for “site”
  • Optimize your content for SEO with ChatGPT.
    • Optimize for featured snippets: ChatGPT can help you to optimize your content for featured snippets by generating concise, clear and relevant answers to common questions.
    • Optimize images and videos: ChatGPT can help you optimize images and videos for SEO by generating relevant captions, titles, and tags.
    • Optimize website structure: ChatGPT can help you to optimize the structure of your website for SEO by generating sitemaps.
    • Optimize for voice search: ChatGPT can assist you in optimizing your content for voice search by generating long-tail keywords and natural language phrases.

Plugins to connect ChatGPT to the internet

Vasco from Vettted explains how to use the Chrome plugins for ChatGPT:

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