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DutchGamblers is an ambitious and progressive platform with all information about the Dutch online gambling market. With a large reach within the Netherlands, an ideal place for posting links through guest blogs!

Please pay attention to the following criteria below before placing your order.

Please pay attention to the following criteria before placing your order:

A number of requirements apply to the delivery of the article. This in connection with guaranteeing quality and complying with Dutch legislation:

  • Advertising Integrity: No misleading gambling advertisements; no incorrect information that could falsely encourage gambling.
  • Gambling-Related: All content must pertain to gambling.
  • Age-Appropriate: Explicit exclusion of targeting audiences under 24 years old.
  • No Affiliate Links: Articles must be free from affiliate links.
  • Legal Compliance: No promotional content for illegal gambling providers.
  • Relevant Linking: Backlinks should direct readers to decent, relevant website pages.
  • Imagery: Articles to be accompanied by royalty-free images, or we can provide our own.
  • Duration Guarantee: Articles are guaranteed to stay posted for at least 18 months, barring force majeure events (no refunds).
  • Pre-Approval Process: Articles will be reviewed prior to posting, with the opportunity for feedback and revisions.
  • Language: All content must be written in Dutch.
  • Alignment with DutchGamblers: Content should align with the themes and standards of DutchGamblers.nl.
  • Anchor Text: No use of names as anchors from other affiliates in the casino industry.

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