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What is sponsored content?

Sponsored content is a form of content that has been paid by an organization to be included in the editorial articles with its own created content. The main difference lies in the party that creates the content. Generally, publishers post this type of content citing “sponsored”, “submitted” or other sponsorship mentions.

In the B2B market, the challenge is not to talk directly about your own store. Potential customers are not that far in the beginning. They want to be helped first. With sponsored content you clearly show that you have knowledge and experience, but limit your own story considerably to mentioning your own name.

What is the difference with an advertorial?

An advertorial is an editorial with a commercial approach (in a separate frame) and often a call-to-action. You inform and inspire the target group, with the focus from the customer experience. So “outside-inside” and not “inside-outside”. You identify customer problems and challenges, and carefully bring your solutions and company to light. You share interesting information, tips or an inspiring story with a head and a tail. It is clearly stated that it is an advertorial.

What is the difference with branded content?

Branded content is a form of content in which the expression of the organization or brand behind the content seamlessly connects to editorial articles of the publisher. This highlights a brand, service or product positively. Branded content can be used in a number of ways: copy, images, video or interactive elements. The content must be of added value.

Sponsored content for your marketing

Are you are planning to use sponsored content? Pay attention to a number of things in order to successfully implement your sponsored content campaign.

  • Find a good balance between sponsored messages and branded content. The search engines will be able to crawl that certain posts are sponsored and for a strong backlink profile, variation is needed.
  • When writing the content, it is important to use editorial pieces as inspiration and to use the right ‘tone of voice’. In this way it offers added value for the readers of the publishers.
  • Increase the engagement with readers. Answer their questions, adress their concerns.

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